Flower Preservation

No one likes to watch beautiful flowers, filled with beautiful memories, wilter away. Now you don't have to because we can make them last as long as the memory, forever...


Hair Preservation

It could be your child's first haircut, Hair from a deceased love one, hair from a pet. We can take the hair and preserve it in resin in the most beautiful way.


Breast Milk Preservation

Motherhood is the most beautiful journey to experience. All mother's are hero no matter if their breast feeding journey is a good or difficult one.


Moulding Memories

Moulding your pregnant belly, holding hands with your mom, partner, baby, fur baby, etc. allows you to capture a moment and freeze it in time. 
We will help make your vision come to life.

Cremation Preservation

Wanting to preserve your loved ones remains in the most meaningful way so they can remain close to you forever.


Other Preservations

The sky is your limit with FMN. If you have something different you want to do. Chat to us today and we will make it happen. We would be truly honoured to create custom designs for you. It is what we are best at after all.

Gift Cards

A gift that lasts a lifetime – for someone special