The Process

Your memories – to last a LIFETIME


Place Order & Book Date

The date you book is the date we expect your contents to arrive to our offices. It is recommend that you book in advance. It is important to book as we have to prepare and get ready for your important contents to arrive.


Send Your Memories

Time to send your contents off, we allow you to drop the contents off at I premises if this is something you prefer. Should it not be possible we then use the services of the Courier Guy to get your contents to us and back to you using Overnight/ Same Day delivery (whichever is suited for your location). This is to prevent the contents from sitting in a vehicle anywhere and create potential issues. You will receive careful instructions on how to safely package your contents so they can remain safe during the road trip. You receive these instructions via your email confirmation after placing your order.

*We recommend getting any flowers to our offices no more than 72 hours after the event to ensure they are remain fresh before preservation begins. The fresher, the better for the preservation process!

STEP Three

Design & Deliver

Once we receive your contents, we will first let you know that they have safely arrived at our premises and then carefully store them, ready for the product, if it is flowers we will carefully select the freshest & most beautiful flowers to preserve & encapsulate in resin. Once the flowers are dry, we will design your order based on your story & discussions on the products you have chosen. 

This is a time-consuming process when done correctly, preserving timelines vary depending on the contents you are preserving, flower preservation takes the longest, you will be informed of these timelines once the order is confirmed, and be updating through your online order. Our promise is to give you nothing but the best for your preserved contents! We put the most time and love into every order, because of the sentimental value of these contents, this process cannot be rushed. 

Your products will then be beautifully packaged and ready for the trip home, or for you to collect.