Why Choose Forget Me Not

I am so excited you are here!

I have been fascinated with design and making beautiful products since I was a little girl. Design captures moments, where words fall short to explain that deep sense of love. In life, I want to be remembered for my kindness and empathy, life is so hard as it is and I hope to bring happiness to all my amazing clients with their most important memories. I have chosen to combine my knowledge for design with my passion for people and their stories.

Hearing my clients special stories, is always so beautiful and it is incredibly rewarding to capture these stories in a beautiful product, to last a lifetime

Your stories matter to us, you are not an order number, you are a human with a unique story to tell and we are a team hoping to be your sound board in your grief and biggest cheerleader in your happiness and joy.

Constantly Growing

Forget Me Not (Pty) Ltd is a father-daughter duo serving our clients nationally. We consist of 3+ team members who work together with our passion for what we do, with 20+ years of experience in resin and an honours degree in Industrial Design we ensure your memories are taken care of with the most respect and empathy. 

From sleepless nights, working weekends and constantly innovating to provide the best products to our clients we promise to not disappoint you.

We have several protocols to ensure the utmost respect when handling your sentimental contents, our commitment to providing you with a premium preservation is what puts us above the rest. 

It would be our honour if you chose us to preserve your most special memories and moments – to last a lifetime.

We always try to stay ontop of our game and we are constantly growing our offerings to suit all our clients different needs and requirements. While we do recommend booking in advance to ensure that everything goes to plan, we understand that sometimes life happens, we will always try our best to make a plan for any last minute orders, unlike many other companies. 

We have worked with many people nationwide, we have even serviced clients in Mauritius and would love to work with you.

Contact us today, to allow us to transform your precious memories and moments into timeless products – to last a lifetime.

The Team

My name is Leanne Moore Ginsberg, and I am a qualified Industrial Designer based in Randburg, Gauteng. I service clients nationwide.

I founded Forget Me Not (Pty) Ltd in October of 2021, 4 years after my older brother was tragically killed. Forget Me Not Memories is born in honour of his memory and legacy.

I remember longing to have a way to have him close to me wherever I go. I then was requested to preserve a beautiful mommies breast milk, I was so up for the challenge and from there we grew from strength to strength preserving almost anything in resin.

We began experimenting with flower preservation, then a client that didn’t believe in cremation asked if we could preserve the flowers from their loved ones funeral with their hair, we were completely honoured to do this and that is were we began the journey of flower preservation. In 2022, our flower preservation took off and grew so fast. I also attended 5 weddings of incredibly special people in my life, I gifted them a flower preservation of their weddings flowers to remember their wedding day for all the wonderful years to come.

After I got married to my high-school sweetheart I realised just how special a couples wedding day really is, and how you wish to re-live your big day again and again in a way that would last forever.

I have always been an extremely sentimental person, I have always held onto memories through photos, artefacts, videos, etc. but I wanted something more, something that could encapture the moments and memories in ways that last forever and tell the story itself.

So in 2023 my husband pushed me to follow my dreams, he supported me to quit my day job in the corporate world and follow my biggest dreams of bringing happiness and empathy to a world with so much pain and misunderstanding. So today, Forget Me Not (Pty) Ltd is my baby and with pride and honour I promise to bring you the most special products, with your most incredible stories, moments and memories.

I am forever grateful for all my incredible clients who have supported me to allow me to make this my life, whether you are a paying client, a client that recommends me to our friends and family or you just like and share all our content online, the gratitude I have for you is more than I could ever explain

Leanne Moore Ginsberg

Product Designer (The Daughter)

Tyrone Moore

In loving memory of our Son & Brother

Brian Moore

Resin Expert (The Father)