Ring Holder


The beautiful geometric ring holder, where the beauty of your rings lay ontop of this gorgeous point. Laying underneath is the beauty of your flowers.

Geometric Size: 5,6 x 8,1cm

Round Size: 5 x 6cm

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Our teardrops capture a million different feelings during grief:

  • The struggle to cope with the pain of heart breaking experience that we go though in our lives.
  • The feelings of joy, beauty and love

The heart is at the center of the teardrop and is made of the cremated ash of your loved one, breast milk from a new mommy, hair of a loved one or preserved flowers. It is done with the outmost respect and care.

Things to take note of:

  • Breast milk has proteins in and due to no mother being alike, some will have more than the next. If you choose the clear colour of breast milk, it is important to note that the end result can come out with yellow undertones depending on this factor. Some moms love it, some moms don’t. That is why there is the choice to add a touch of white colouring to the milk to help enhance the white colouring. 
  •  Hair has many different colours and shapes. It is more effective to contrast the hair colour with the colour that you choose. Darker hair doesn’t need a colour to stand out on its own. Lighter hair is more effective with a colour core of a contrasting colour to be most effective. 
  • Cremated ash is again different from person to person and has different ways of reacting to the resin.
  • Flowers colours may vary during the preservation period.
  • All secondary and tertiary colours are mixed by hand, they can therefore differ to that as requested. In the event of repeat orders colours will vary.
  • We use the high quality resin to ensure that there is no discolouration over time and that your product is forever preserved. This places the product in a higher pricing bracket than others on the market, because we are determined to only use the best for such precious and  invaluable items.
  • Your product can take 4-6 weeks to be completed and delivered due to the nature of the business.
  • Shipping, we use ‘The Courier Guy’ as our trusted delivery. We opt for over night courier so that we can minimize on any potential issues.

Door-To-Door Courier anywhere in SA. We will collect your valuable items and return the finished product back to you, therefore this includes 2 charges (R165 X 2 = R330)

Note: Chain not included. 


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