Preserve your loved ones cremated ashes by encapsulating them in resin, so they remain close to you physically and spiritually forever.


Firstly, we want to get to know you and understand the meaning behind the product you want. The best products are only made with the sure understanding and empathy for your memory.

We understand how difficult it can be to part ways and worry about how these precious remains will be treated. So to assist we would love to welcome our clients into our healing space, to come and create the item with us, not only does this give you peace of mind but you are then able to be a part of the production process and leave with some form of healing. If this isn’t something you like, there is no worries we will create the piece for you with the empathy and love we stand by.
These contents are extremely sentimental, please ensure that you don’t send the all of the ashes, we only need a teaspoon to make your precious piece.

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