We all age and grow older, imagine you could capture a moment in time where that doesn’t happen.

With Forget Me Not Memories, we will mould yours or your loved ones hands to capture to moment in time and freeze it forever.


You will book a moulding date with us, so we can prepare for your visit and ensure everything is ready for you when you arrive. The booking fee will be R400 non-refundable deposit to secure your booking date. This fee is included in the final amount (not an additional amount).
You will need to ensure that the invoice is paid before the date you arrive, as this is very unique to you, we would not be able to do anything with the item should you decline the job after the moulding has been done and the materials have been used.
You will let us know before hand of the idea you have in mind so we can best prepare for the process and everything that needs to be done.
When you visit, it is best that you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little messy. We have a space for you to change and clean up should you require.
We will prep you and explain everything to you so that we can get the best results.
Once we have moulded your hands/feet/etc. Your part is then successfully done. While you clean up and get changed we will do the next part of the process.
We will need a +/- 2 weeks to finish up, clean the mould, build a frame if neccessary, package your item etc. Before it is ready to be collected or delivered to you.


Adult Hands: Age 15+years

Kiddies Hands: Age 4years – 14years

Babies Hands: Age 4 weeks – 3years
If for any reason you have sensitive skin please let us know so we can best advise on the way forward.

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