We preserve your special flowers so they can live forever, no longer are the days where you have to watch them wilt away.


Secure your preservation date by paying a R600 booking fee. This is a non-refundable booking fee as we have to secure the resources for this preservation. This fee is included in the final amount (not an additional amount). This fee covers your secured date and the preservation of your flowers.
You select the style/ piece you want for your preservation. We then work out the final requirements and specifications for you.
We have 3D printers and CNC machines, so we are ready to create any mould and shapes that you may like to use.

You will receive an invoice for the price on your preservation once your flowers are preserved and ready to be encapsulated before we commence on this beautiful journey with you. (minus the R600 deposit [credit])

Below you will see a range of pieces we have done with their estimated prices. Every piece is unique and one of it’s kind to your specific flowers. Therefore there can be a variation in thickness and overall size, which can affect the final price.
We use a high grade resin with UV protection to delay colour changes. It is always recommended that you do not display your precious item in direct sunlight.

If for any reason these contents are extremely sentimental, please disclose this with us and ensure you don’t send the only flowers you will have

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